Penny Board


Penny skateboard made from a recycled Rimu floorboard.


This Skateboard is made from 100-year-old rimu floorboard. The cut of the board is similar to the original first design skateboard back in the 50’s, they are easy to ride even for someone who’s never stepped on a skateboard before, they have large smooth wheels, and feel incredible underfoot – especially when riding with bare feet! The character of the original floorboard on the boards as this tells the story of it’s journey. The t&g groove line is still present on the side of the board.

There are 11 artwork options to choose from, just scroll through the images to see them all.

Length – 58 cm
Width – 13 cm (at its widest part)
Height – 10 cm (base of wheel to top of deck)
Wood thickness – 2 cm

Trucks – silver 3” aluminium alloy straight from our manufacturer
Wheels – high resistant PU, 60mm 78A grade – white and black wheel options
Bearings – ABEC-9

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