Perching BellBird


Hand-carved perching bellbird, happy just to hang out on any edge or ledge. Made from Tasmanian blackwood or recycled rimu timber.


Each wooden bird is lovingly carved from a custom selected bit timber to provide its own unique grain pattern and character. As each one is custom carved they are all slightly different in shape and size. The upmost effort has been put in to sustainably source all of the materials used to ensure the most gentle of footprints.

The Bellbird is often hard to spot in amongst the native bush of New Zealand. You are however quite likely to hear the Bellbird before you see it as the birds song is a major part of the famed New Zealand bird chorus. During the early morning as the sun comes up we are usually blessed with a fantastic bird song as all the birds begin to wake up. The Bellbird’s song is quite distinct among the noise and this is where it gets its name from as part of its song sounds like the methodical ringing of a bell.

Handmade item
Listing price is for 1 bird only

Tasmanian Blackwood or Recycled Rimu

Height: 200mm; Width: 50mm; Length: 60mm

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